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The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Higher Education Research Endowment Fund has been approved at a cost of Rs. 500 million under the amended Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Higher Education Research Endowment Fund Act 2004.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Higher Education Research Endowment Fund Act, 2004, provides for utilization of the fund under sub section-1 to 4 of section 4 for which the Board has already approved amendments. Therefore, the profit from the fund may be utilized as per provision of section 4(1) which states that “The amount credited into fund shall be utilized for financing research in the natural and social sciences in all the public sector universities” and Section 4(4) which states that “Research grant shall also be made to deserving scholars and scientist from the private sector and retired/experienced government servants having a science & technology and development economics backgrounds.

Research grants shall be in the following areas:

1. Engineering/ Applied Sciences /Physical Sciences

2. Medical/Biological Sciences

3. Social Sciences/ Management/ I.T/ Humanities

General Guidelines

Preference will be given to:-

i. Short termed projects of 1 year duration

ii. Research projects with cost up to 2.5 million, in exceptional cases the amount can be reviewed by the competent authority.

iii. Research based on indigenously developed technologies

iv. Research which could be utilized for import substitutions.

v. Research with the potential of commercialization after completion

vi. Components including salaries or machinery/equipment will be discouraged.


Application Forms (Hard Copies) shall be sent on the following Address:-

PMU Office, 2nd Floor, Directorate General of Commerce Education & Management Sciences Building, Rano Garhi Peshawar

Soft Copy of Application Form along with relevant documents shall be sent on herefhed@gmail.com

Last date for submission of application form is 17.06.2017