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Teachers Engagement Methodology for the BS 04 Year Degree Programme

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Higher Education, Archives & libraries Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

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Overall Objective

To ensure 100% implementation of 4-year Degree Programme in Govt. Colleges by evolving a mechanism of incentives for staff and students as per policy adopted during 2011-12 for implementation of phase-I of the Project. also To enable colleges to acquire services of qualified staff on Per Credit Hour (PCH) basis for BS 4-year degree Programmes as per policy adopted during 2011-12 for implementation of phase-I of the project

As adopted during 2011-12 for implementation of phase-I of the project, the project aims at making up the deficiency of required number of teachers for running the BS 4-year degree classes in the government colleges of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by hiring qualified teachers on Per Credit Hour (PCH) payment basis. Moreover, all of the regular staff contributing to run the semester successfully would also be paid honorarium for various services. i.e Examination related, supervision. Etc.
The 4-Year BS-Degree programme was initiated in 53 Government Colleges of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa after establishing 121 Departments during 2011-12. For payment of Honorarium to teaching and non-teaching staff, a total of Rs. 54.5 million were provided under the ADP scheme "Re-Engineering of Teachers engagement methodology in Government Colleges of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa" reflected at S.No-86 of ADP, 2011-12. In a period of two years, the programme faced issues and went through a natural evolution. During continuous scrutiny and monitoring, the number of colleges where the programme had been running was reduced to 39 by shifting students from the college having low enrollment to the nearby college where the same programme was run successfully. Doing so not only reduced the cost of the programme but also improved quality. Presently, there are 181 B.S departments having 10084 students in 39 colleges around the Province and the enrollment for the next year is estimated to be 5430+ with approximately 30 students enrollment in each semester, and request for opening new departments are being received on contemplated upon in light of the resources available. This scheme has been included in the ADP, 2012-13 at S.No-55 with a total cost of Rs. 200 Million and an allocation of Rs. 150.000 million (FY 2013-14) for payment of Honorarium to the teaching and non-teaching staff.

Originally, BS-Degree Programme was initiated on the following grounds:

Present ratio of higher education in Pakistan is 3.4% which needs to be raised to 20% by the year 2015 to meet Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in order to realize the dream of sustainable development.

Education Policy 2009 categorically requires transition from 2-year degree to 4- year degree study Programmes for the colleges in phased manner.

Higher Education Department deems it necessary to replace the older system with the new one i.e. introduction of 4-year degree classes in the colleges to make the degrees compatible with international standards and market needs.

The present administrative structure of the colleges is designed only for 2-year degree Programme with annual examination system but hardly appropriate to meet the requirements of Semester System. For instance, semester system being practiced by the departments at the universities requires minimum ten teachers along with other support staff but in most of the college's 1-3 subject teachers pull along with annual Programmes of study. To introduce 4-year Programme fully the government will have to increase the number of teachers about five-fold of present strength in five years. It depends much on the availability of resources and the efficiency of the system to undertake recruitment of teachers to meet the immediate needs of the teaching departments.

The present number of sanctioned posts of college teachers for all subjects and grades are 3412 for boys and 1841 for girl's colleges. These posts have been distributed among 179 colleges with subject-wise allocation. At present 100% college teachers are involved with teaching at Intermediate and 2-year degree classes. Majority of the colleges have one or two subject teachers and their number is logically far from sufficient to meaningfully launch 4-year degree Programme.

The classes are over-crowded and teachers are over loaded with academic duties. Almost all the colleges are already short of requisite teaching staff. In such a condition introduction of 4 year degree classes require extra financial inputs from the government.